Okay Sam here it is…

Calm in the Storm

Okay Sam here it is…

A twitter friend @Samuel_Clemons said get your blog fired back up.  Especially as I haven’t blogged since 2007.  So here I am.  I warned him it’ll not be anything of note or exciting, but it is what it is.  I’m grateful he pushed me to do this as I need to find a regular writing project to keep my writing muscles flexed.  I plan to post it twice a week for now.

I thought about making it a video blog but to hear that slight lisp in my voice drives me crazy so writing would be far better, on the hearing anyway.

Been thinking about what to write about.  I’ll add my poetry, short stories, life experiences as they come up.  But today what can I writer about… hmmmm… about writing?  We all struggle with that and there is a myriad help for that.  About making films?  I will later.  I’d rather be making them really.  I will, just not now.  About the current TV Pilot project I’m working on right?  No, contractually I can’t do that, for now anyway.

Oh oh oh!  How about the emotional trials of a middle-aged, slightly emotionally damaged man?  I’ve been in tons of therapy (both private and group) and spilled my internal impairments unto the world; well, enough to function on a fairly reasonable self-awareness level, I think.  Aaaaand having said that, they say the blog is an excellent place for narcissistic ramblings and I’ll be no exception.

I’m that quiet guy in the corner
Something far too obvious to my friends, but I’m not great social animal.  Never been a social animal at all, never had a large group of friends. Ever.  But that’s okay, I’m not for small talk.  Just not great at it.  I’ll tell you the social networks are a boon for me.  Met my wife on one (a story for later) and have lots of virtual friends.  Yes, I have a few, “real life” friends too.  But I feel so lucky living in a time when I can speak to people around the world.  Hear their stories, a wonderful thing.  But I digress.  I’ve always been shy and never really came out of my shell until I started the deep introspective and then joined an improv theatre group (another story for another time), that was an eye-opening thing.  Here a wall flower going on stage and without a script.  So fun!

Anyway, I’m going to cut it off there as I have lots more to say… here are a couple of my poems:



Title: Passage
A brush to blush
This skin I touch

How my passion rises
Such animatistic lust

My mind vindicates
What my hands exploit

Cutting through curves, through
Valley, dales there hidden by choice

Until that moment, bliss
Explodes on your voice

How then lay we
Spend and sedate

Waiting, waiting, waiting
For the next moment to initiate


Title: Still Beats, My Heart

I, for health
stroll paths, this
all hallows eve, in
waning light
waxing, dimmed moon

at, alley’s access
ponder, should I enter
such, sullied lane
pushed, it seems
onward so

ache, straining sight
probe, nook, cranny
brave face, in
shadows forming, as
fright turning
skin’s pallor mine

halt progress, in
echo’s, not my own
launching, leaping
heart’s, pounding
breath racing, raging
brewing stewing
who, what, there?

heeled turn
hoping none
there, knife clutched
yet, yet
eyes staring
blazing my soul
I am, I am
alone alone
in imagination’s

All writing © 2010 by DC Lessoway

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4 thoughts on “Okay Sam here it is… Leave a comment

  1. I had to take a few pills and call my therapist, just to “follow” a cat blog. The mere thought of it was almost as bad as watching Meerkat Manor on TV. That little runt “Flower” is like “Snooky” on Jersey Shore. So my therapist talked me down, I was able to “follow” the blog, and thank God, I can’t figure out how to make the RSS Feed work, or I’d get reeeeaaaallllly freaked out, DC. It’s not even that I have anything in particular that I can find wrong with cats, they are superior species, they keep humans as pets, which is cool, we gotta be nice to humans, and they feed their pets regular. But they are soooo annoying, very aloof, and sometimes they stare into my cage when I am napping… Which is what? 14 times per day, 15 or 16 on Sundays?

    I was born on October 30th, so Still Beats mentioning my birthday like that, I really appreciate it. No, I’m not a narcissist, it’s just all about me, isn’t it?

    Your friendly Editor Ferret, Presidential Candidate and Smarmy Sarcastic Critter, Samuel_Clemons on Twitter. I blog at http://samuelclemons.blogspot.com

  2. So you can go to http://addThis.com and add a “share” button pretty easily. First u put the WordPress editor into “edit” mode, and add something odd like xxx111xxxx something that will stand out in a long string of Cyrillic looking code. This way when you switch over to html mode, you will have “marked your spot” . This is an old Web Designers trick, DC. Then, switch to html mode in your editor.

    Step two: Go to http://addthis.com and choose a button, and then “Make Button” or “Create Button” whatever they are calling it over there at wonkville. Now, just cut that code out. Right click on that code and and click “copy” … Then basically do that in reverse in your wordpress editor.

    Highlight the xxx1111xxxx where you marked your spot. After highlighting, just “paste” the addthis button code.

    Switch back to regular edit mode, and your Share button should appear in your blog.

    Or, even easier, see if WordPress offers a “share” button for free.

    Sure does make it easier for a ferret to share your blog with the greater outside world.

    Great comments from powerfitz, ferrets loved to be petted and scratched, before we run off and steal your watch and favorite remote. Wow, look at the time: I have to eat two more brunches before I nap.

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