I walked the streets this morning as my beautiful wife had to work.  So I’ll take advantage by stopping by Starbucks at the corner of Robson and Thurlow to sit in the hum of the crowd and do some writing.

The poppies everyone’s wearing forever remind me of my dad.  I still hear his gravel baritone voice, cheering on his hockey/baseball team.  Such memories of late-fall and winter Sunday’s in the early 70’s, sitting around the tube watching a game on Hockey Night in Canada.  I am my father’s son.  I watch a hockey (Vancouver Canucks!) game with the same shouting bravado, turning the room blue when they’d get scored on.  Such moments were the only time my father showed any palpable emotion.  And I wonder to this day where I got my stormy emotionalism… wasn’t from him.  Maybe it was in some form of emotional rebellion.  Maybe.

Back to the poppies, my mind travels to the wars around the world that in this age how we call ourselves civilized yet we are so far away from the true humanity that kind civility comprises.  See a list of wars ongoing around the world here:
The philosopher George Santayana said: “Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”  Such is the cycles of humanity, we keep making the same mistakes, have the same fights/skirmishes/wars/genocides over tiny pieces of land, over power, over money, over people.  I struggle with the thought that while there are many in the world doing so much good, there are many more who don’t give a shit except for their own want.  *sigh*

Title:  Embark
© 2010 by DC Lessoway

All the notions of the world
All the travels weathered
Along the life before us
All to be considered

Whether the wind or
Guides of the sun
Lead us on this
Path to follow

How the day flows
How the love knows the
Gentle nourishment needed
Holding us aloft

Far below land
Fertile, layered, unknown
Draws our dreams
To lie, rest, mull over

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