A Discussion Between Patriots

I wanted to post here a short conversation between two citizens who cannot help but question the governments of our day.  I’m posting this because I feel strongly that we should question everything.  While it is one thing to follow blindly, poorer are the citizens who do not question and challenge those in positions of power.  While it is a short conversation, I feel it goes straight to the point about being a better citizen concerned with our respective country’s state of affairs.  I’m going to leave it open-ended as I would love to hear feedback.  Cheers.

My friend from facebook, James Dennewitz, posted the following status:
Join me in starting a campaign to recruit a challenger to Obama in the 2012 Primary? Now that he’s lied about another campaign promise, tax cuts for the rich, We need to admit our mistake and find someone who will fight for the middle class. Perhaps some Tea partiers will join us, since the republicans are raising our debt ceiling, giving a tax cut to the rich that will raise the deficit $4 trillion in 10 years.

JAMES then added: So far, I don’t see much change from the Bush years. We should all be outraged. The unpaid for tax cuts in a time of war, which also is not paid for, are intact still, Don’t ask Don’t tell in place, Gitmo is open, The wars are still raging with no end in sight, and we never got a public option, Obama didn’t even put it on the table to start with. Now, he comes out for freezing middle class federal workers wages for 2 years, BEFORE any debate over these tax cuts. He’s the worst negotiator I’ve ever seen in the white house. What’s he going to give away when he loses even more votes in Jan. And what of these Tea party folks, who wanted to cut the deficit, reduce spending? Folks, we are getting it from both ends, we have to make a stand on these issues sooner or later. I’m so let down that Obama has not been willing to fight at all. I say let the tax cuts for everybody expire, let unemployment expire, and put the blame where it belongs, the republicans. At least try it for a month or two, see if they feel any heat, but no, Obama the caver gives them unpaid for tax cuts that have driven us to the point of another crisis. he’s a nice guy, but nice guys don’t do well against sharks.

Then I chimed in: I think that no matter who is in the white house, there will be no change. It’s been basically the same since the 60s.

JAMES: Actually, Bush JR., Reagan both made major changes, as did Johnson, Clinton helped our jobs leave even faster with NAFTA. They may be few and far between, but they can be biggies, like the civil rights bill, war in Iraq, trickle down economics, breaking the air traffic controller unions. I do agree that most of the change we need is going to have to come directly from us, the congress is too corrupt now. Thanks for the comment DC. I feel your apathy, I see our form of government now looking a lot like it did 1771, and in need of similar ‘restructuring”.
Me: I’m Canadian and I feel a tremendous amount of apathy here! You indeed make valid points!

JAMES: DC, we’ve wondered if we’d be better off in Canada in regards to healthcare and to escape our continual war program here in the states. Though I know the corporations are raping everywhere they can, I think we really have a case where the people of the world are going to have to rise up once and for and refuse to be peasants and bow down to the lords and kings.
Me: It’s all about how the middle class is being crushed into the poorhouse – there indeed is a revolt coming & it’s already happening in Europe!

JAMES: I’m thinking it may become the first world wide revolution, how about you? So few realize how so many American companies destroy the environment, take advantage of people, and even try to control rain water (true story folks. The people rebelled and collected rain water anyway). Greed is at the heart of destroying our world and leading us into war again and again. It’s sad how one man can bring war to millions. How did we ever let that kind of world develop? Too many people believe and respect authority, the first deadly mistake.
Me: It’s always been the few controlling the many. I was watching an interview Huffington and she was taking about that exact thing, that the middle and lower classes are going to finally get pissed off enough and revolt. But there are far too many who are so numbed by what they have, by the superficial media and they don’t think enough to look at what is really happening around them. Sleeping consumers. We get so safe in chasing that dollar, the next best thing and fill ourselves with a false sense of security, a house of cards. I can only sadly shake my head at the political system of no choice. We are shown two, up here three, but really it is just the same band of monkeys, lobbyist really, running the show. We are handed, and we lap it up, that we have freedom, that we have choices. Really, we do not have true freedom, only a false sense of it, only an illusion and we are willing to die for (i.e. go to war) to protect our right to be a prisoner, is that irony? I was thinking about why are we at war on the other side of the world? How does this protect our freedom? The only answer that comes to my mind is to supply the military industrial complex with a reason to exist as well as a cycle of fear that is sold wholesale to the public at large.

JAMES: Wow, very well said DC. I agree with it all 100%. You should repost this somewhere, you seem to have quite grasp on things that most people I encounter do not. I’d almost bet you know who Noam Chomsky is.  You’ve nailed so many points here that I often make to people who ask me “what is wrong” & “What can we do?” I’ve also noticed how many ‘laws” seem to be put into place, to label in uprising as treason or even terrorism. I recall Bush trying to label environmentalists as “Environmental terrorists.” I think the oil companies and republicans hold that title. His actions being Right or wrong, we’ve seen how quickly the corporations have moved in step with the “governments” to stop Wikki Leaks. Even if what he does is wrong, people should be concerned to see how easily they will take away your right to have a web site. All freedoms now seem to come with conditions. This guy is not even a US citizen and look at all the US companies who help take him down, even one from the “Live Free Or Die” state of new hampshire. I guess we’re bigger on mottos than actual follow through, and the rich know it. Most likely, the FBI reads everything I write, and who am I? Just a patriotic American tired of Imperial rule. Bush and the bunch showed us just how easy a Marshall law type situation could happen. I’ve been saddened to see how many Americans have been willing to give up freedom for security. Ben Franklin said anyone willing to that deserved neither, and he was right.

Here is a link to Jame’s ‘Rise Above Them All’ facebook page

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