Return to Life

a voice warms
my broken heart
hope finds
my soul
drifting a
wilderness of darkness

This morning I was driving home from dropping off my wife at work and my phone rings.  It’s a 403 number and I instantly assume it’s about my brother Rob.  As noted in my 2010-2011 blog that Rob’s battle with viral meningitis and how he came so close to death.  Of course I was driving so I couldn’t answer and hoped a message would be left.

The message was about Rob.  My sister and her husband are in the Edmonton hospital and asked if I wanted to talk to Rob.  Without hesitation but a bit of trepidation I picked up the phone…

Rob sounded groggy but his voice was clear.  A sudden surge of relief in hearing his voice hit my chest and I struggled to keep my composure.  He said the infection’s still in his back, being drained and he added he’ll have to re-learn how to walk.  That he’s starting to eat a little, only jello at this point, and is starting his physical therapy.  Suddenly he had to go as his therapist came into the room.  What struck me most was the enthusiasm in his voice, how he looked forward to walking again.

I hung up and broke down, wept, overcome with joy that he is so very much alive.

Amazing the strength of the human spirit when faced a challenge the size of Everest.

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