Sir Ben Kingsley!! (chance meeting in 2007)

Ah… reminiscing about this little brush with greatness that happened to me back in late 2007…

Marina used to do a lot of work on film unit trucks as a tailor, so she knows lots of costume designers in town right?  Every now and again I’d wish aloud to be able to get on a working set and what’d you know?  I’m standing on the set of Elergy watching the great director Isabel Coixet do her thing.

Anyway, they were filming in front of the art gallery.  Then Penelope Cruz steps onto the set in this bright red dress.  She is tiny!  Tiny!  Such sparkling, lively eyes, very beautiful.  All the people around her were getting her ready for her first shot.  At that point we were not far behind the camera right?  So I turned around and who was there?  Sir Ben Kingsley!!  Sir Ben!!!  I nearly fainted!  Totally forgot about Penelope and watched for the next hour or so every move Sir Ben made.

Well, it was getting late and looking like they were about to rap.  Sir Ben was now a few feet in front of us talking with a couple guys.  Marina suddenly gives me a push and without thinking I walk up and join the little group.  With the wonderful lilt of his voice Sir Ben extolled about the beauty of Vancouver, and how that area in front of the art gallery, mixed with Vancouver Hotel looks so much like New York’s central park.  Then the person beside me introduced himself… and what do I do?  I jumped in, introduced myself and he shook my hand and said it was nice to meet me.

You know those moments when the world just kinda stops?  That was one of those moments… I was beside myself yet so very grateful I didn’t make a fool of myself.  Well a moment later Sir Ben’s handler tapes him on the shoulder and he’s shuffled off to a waiting car.

On the walk home, Marina said to me, “I watched you and imagined you were directing and it was your set.”  I sincerely hope and wish that someday it will be me saying “action” to Sir Ben.  My Marina… she’s the best and I’m so lucky!

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