Waiting on a Gift (short play from my book of short plays)

In time of anticipation
Of what is to be
In time of wishing
For things we
Want to
In time of wanting
Family, home
To be
In time
It will be


In the darkness there is the soft glow from a few Christmas tree lights.  They clearly are not functioning well as they are blinking off and on and at times are all out.  These are situated mid-stage but towards the back of the stage.

A spot at stage right lights up on a young girl of about twelve.


I can’t wait!  But I know what I’m going to get.  A special edition Barbie with Rolex watch and silver anklet.  An iphone.  Two of them as I need one for my school and one for talking with my friends.  I know I’m getting new shoes, but likely a gift certificate for Barneys of New York.  My friends were jealous for months when I last shopped there.  I know my dad’s taking me on a trip to Europe too.  Since him and mom split he’s been spending a lot of time with Amanda, his new model girlfriend, in Paris.  She introduced me to Kate Moss, Kasia, and Elle MacPherson!  I was so excited to meet them my gosh!  I want to be just like them.  I’m going for nose surgery just after New Years too!

Her spot turns off and the Christmas tree turns off as a spot at stage left lights up on a woman of 28.


So yesterday my bitch friend drove my hummer into a pole.  I can’t believe I have to use the navigator again until they fix the scratch!  That thing is so last year.  Shit and I had to miss my hair appointment and the bitch there said I had to wait too!  Can you believe it!  So Jessica’s going in for her new face, that’s what you get for turning 30!  I’m not that far off but I’m sure I won’t need a new face until I’m at least 35.  My botox injections are keeping me young.  Christmas?  Oh yeah it is huh?  Well!  I’m going shopping!

The soft glow from the Christmas tree lights come back on as a spot at stage right lights up on a young boy of about twelve.


I’ve stopped counting the days.  I’m too old for that.  When I was ten maybe, but not now.  I’m gonna get the new Bad Company, Need for Speed, and NHL 12 for my PS3.  Well, I’ll get a new PS3 as well, I have a new one from two months ago, but I heard there’s been some improvements.  I’m getting a bigger plasma TV for my bedroom too, I really want the 62 inch as it’ll be great for gaming.  My 45 inch isn’t big enough.  I would want to get a TV projector so I can fill the whole wall, but dad said they aren’t high enough rez yet.  I’m getting a new set of hand-made golf clubs too.  Dad wants me to get pro at it.  I’ve mastered the Tiger PS3 game and so real life should be a cinch.

His spot turns off and the Christmas tree turns off as a spot at stage left lights up on a man of 28.


It’s my second year at dad’s company and I’m already VP of Business Development.  All that partying in university is paying off.  Oh how I love the power over the poor souls who have to kiss my ass to keep their job.  I can’t go through a day without firing someone.  It fulfills my life really.  It’s like a drug.  The other day I was in the executive lounge and Biff was starting a pissing contest about who fired the most in a month.  I won with 45.  And here I thought I was having a slow month.  Oh, my Aston Martin DB9 arrives today, gotta go.

The man runs out of the spot and it turns off.  The Christmas tree lights come back on but they are now as bright and clear.  A spot at stage right lights up on a young girl of about twelve.


Mom and I were just window shopping.  Our Saturday morning fun.  We also stopped by the bargain bin to pick up some new clothes for the baby.  Then I went to the library as mom went somewhere for a few hours.  I read more of an autobiography of Churchill and some poetry of Pablo Neruda.  In Spanish too.  One of my mom’s friends taught me Spanish.  We got home at five to find Nanna sleep just as Jackie was about to put his fingers into an outlet.  I can’t wait for next Tuesday as my dad, who is in the army, is stopping by on leave.  You know he was wounded?

Her spot turns off and a spot at stage left lights up on a woman of 28.


Yesterday we completed a school outside Maun, Botswana.  It’s only four rooms, but they’ll get a chance for an education.  We hammered in the last nail and the kids sang for us.  It was about hope and brighter tomorrows and family.  How family is so important here.  I love how colorful their clothes are.  Breaks my heart I have to leave soon.  I’ve become so attached.  The government soldiers were by again, I’ll never get used to the guns and their cold stares.  But, it’s not the worst I’ve been in, and it won’t stop me from doing this.  And here I was once scared of leaving my comfy apartment in Washington.

Her spot and it turns off as a spot at stage right lights up on a young boy of about twelve.


I had to wait in the food line today.  Dad was too hung over to even come down.  Me and Amy didn’t eat yesterday because he didn’t want to wait.  But that’s okay.  Today we’ll get a good meal and that should help Amy get over her cold.  I have to miss school to do this, but that’s okay too.  I don’t have time with taking care of dad and Amy after mom died.  I miss her.  We were doing great with her around.  Then she got sick and we lost our home because of hospital bills.  But that’s okay, dad said he starts a new job next week and we’ll be okay.

His spot turns off and a spot at stage left lights up on a man of 28.


Hello, my name is Sam and I’m an alcoholic.  It’s been nearly seven months since my last drink.  I drank and used drugs because I blamed my pain on how society forgot my family.  I blamed my mom for dying young and leaving us with so many hospital bills.  I blamed my dad for killing my little sister and himself when he drove his car into a pole while driving drunk.   I blamed the school system for kicking me out because I couldn’t keep up.  Most of all, I blamed myself for allowing all this to happen.  Then one night last year, I was sitting in my hovel, holding a loaded gun.  It was a couple days before Christmas and I was alone.  I looked out my window and saw something that changed my life.  This guy was standing on the corner below me ringing a bell beside one of those change collection boxes.  I opened my window and could hear how cheerful he was in his grubby Santa suit.  I don’t know why I kept watching him.  But it was getting late and he took everything down and was walking away.  He stopped at a man sleeping in a doorway and reached into this collection box and gave the man a few bills.  He did this again several more times down the block until he turned the corner out of my sight.  That moment that the realization hit me.  I had a roof over my head, I had a job, crappy as it was, and I had my life.  There are people, down there, sleeping on the street in the freezing cold who were far, oh so far worse off.  That night I attended my first AA meeting and haven’t looked back.  I now plan to ring a bell on the same corner this year.  I look forward to it.

The spot turns off on the man as snow starts to fall on the still, brightly lit Christmas tree and Santa bells start to chime.


The events depicted in this play are fictitious as a whole. Any similarity to any person living or dead is merely coincidental.

Waiting on a Gift is one short play from a my book of 17 short plays (entitled “Memory”).

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