Please deal with your Grief…

© by DC Lessoway

Grief closes doors
Grief opens windows
Grief brings rain
Grief brings radiance

Grief levels the ground
Grief brings truth
Grief opens eyes
Grief finds rich, poor as well

Grief brings darkness
Grief the way, it lights
Grief so divine, so horrible
Grief not a picture makes

Grief piles sacred waters
Grief hides there, uncharted
Grief so isolating
Grief an isle unto itself

Grief in our soul aches
Grief in our heart breaks
Grief remembers those passed
Grief is sorrow incarnate

At some point in our lives we deal with grief in its many forms.  From dealing with the loss of a relationship, a job, a marriage, to the loss of a friend, a family member, or a family pet.  No matter the loss, grief is one of our most profound emotions we have and is something we can’t ignore!

If you are dealing with grief, please reach out, you are not alone.  We have to realize that it is okay to feel the pain, to cry, to feel down.  What isn’t good though is to stay there, to “get stuck” in that pain.  Because it can, and will, manifest itself in a variety of forms whether physical or psychological.

So if you hurt, talk to a friend, a family member, find a grieving group, find someone you trust and open your heart so you can move on.  Please do deal with it and I know you’ll come away wiser, richer for the experience!

Here is a small list of grief links – there are lots out there!
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4 thoughts on “Please deal with your Grief… Leave a comment

  1. deals with the grief of losing her husband, and raising kids. quite profound really, how she is able to verbalize what so many of us want to keep inside, or have been trained to hold in. her URL is and she has pushed me a bit to expand my blog to which I have. What I found pretty magnificent was that she and about 1500 ladies share their support and each other on a Facebook page, and were the first to “follow the ferret” when I opened a page thereupon, and about 50 of them got me to “critical mass” by signing right up.

    DC you have been really prolific of a sudden, how are you? How are things going? Make sure you keep in touch. You know you are listed on the Secret List of Mayan Connections on my blog, and you are welcome to comment on any of my posts any time you wish.

    I have a “Guest Blogger” page also set up, and you can do a piece on my blog if you wish.

    have to go torment my tormenters, and wiggle with the gigglers….

  2. DC, the grief that has been the sharpest in my life is losing my mom at 66 yrs of age, very unexpectedly a few years ago. I experienced everything you wrote about. For me, there is something beautiful about grief and you helped me to put words to it. Very beautiful!

  3. Erin, thank you so much for sharing your grief. I always say, pain shared is pain lessened. Allowing yourself to feel your grief does indeed open your heart to beauty that we so often overlook. I wish you the best.

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