“None of the Above” Movement!

Canadians! Let’s make a “None of the Above” movement. This is why:
I’m bloody tired of Canadian politicians, of any party. Why can’t we have a choice on the ballot of “none of the above” to enable the Canadian citizen to send a clear message to the government that we tire of the kindergarten sandbox that is our current political system! Many have said to me that we don’t vote to make a choice, but only “vote out” whomever’s crooked at the moment; and history is rife with examples of how if we wait long enough, they all become crooked. What kind of system is that? Is this democracy anymore or just Canadian “Political” Idol? Sadly it’s just a joke and our pockets, along with our votes, are empty.

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  1. it is quite obvious that only a ferret could run the country…. there’d at least be more scheduled naps, lots of wiggles, dancing, and blueberry icecream.. all high priorities and very fruitful daily events.

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