I question, because I love my country

I love my country
yet I see
our parliament
divided across
war lines be

grown children
saying: “you lie!”
“No you sir!”
“you’re spending”
“too much, too little”
all to veil truth

can you blame me
to raise my hand
to query the actions
of people who say
“Vote for me?”
“I work for you”

Thus I question
stand up in the crowd
say why are you
you whom we voted in
not governing my country
but chaos creating louts

no, no but lemmings we be
we are supposed to trust
supposed to cast our voice, out vote
into the wilderness
believing our democratic right
with respect, is treated

thus this election
I ask, I want, I wish
those who vote
think with your mind
call on your heart
clear your throat and say

this time, be adults
give us a parliament
we can be proud of
one that strengthens Canada
one that creates good will
not one the butt of jokes

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3 thoughts on “I question, because I love my country Leave a comment

  1. I love this because my youngest son is attending the London School of Economics. He is studying philosophy and political theory. He is a liaison, in a think tank between academia and parliament. He recently Skyped me to say, “Remember Mom, there are some smart politicians but not all are the brightest light on the tree.” So the kindergarten line seemed spot on to me. )

  2. After years of hopeful optimism, I’ve given up on ALL politicians. Doesn’t matter where you live….Canada, US, UK, they’re all the same self-absorbed bunch….

  3. Agreed! it is a joke how they act like children.
    At some point the votes have to stand up and make real change by increasing the percentage from 50% or so in the last election. A true sign that people are fed up, but instead of using their vote, they stay home. Sad.

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