Don’t Hide

see those heavens open
feel the rain scrubbing our tears
taste the potential in our hearts
breath in the aroma of life
hear the pattering feet of days
passing by blissfully

Is to:
open your heart
to love
to life

don’t hide under the awning
step into the rain
embrace life

Peace (c) 2010 DC Lessoway
Peace (c) 2010 DC Lessoway

A funny thing happened during my meeting today.

I was sitting there thinking…. this is cool.  I’ve helped create a television show idea and in a week and a half we’re going to go out and sell it!

Then, that little voice appeared.  That squeaky little runt that’s been with me, whispering in my ear, my entire life.  I know what it’s saying: “who are you to do such a thing? Only the smart, the talented, the rich, the beautiful, only those who deserve it are the ones who can do such things!”

If you know me, you’d know how I’m rather quiet, preferring to listen and not speak.  At the same time I can talk a bit too much… I know because I feel uncomfortable; preferring to make noise, hear my voice than hear any possible truth, or judgement.

I’ve spend most of my life in an unworthy state of being.  This, cloud of heroic, self-imposed doom I’ve held up over me like a badge of honour.  I still do at times… it’s something I can’t always shake.

Then towards the end of the meeting the sky cleared and it hit me.  I can do this.  The stories I’ve heard, read and watched, how someone in my place now, took a chance, took a risk at failure and went out there and made their voice, their idea heard.  And they persisted.  And persisted.

Yes I realize I’m no smarter, no more talented than the next guy; but, I’m as worthy to accept the challenge laid at my feet.  So I’m out to challenge myself, I’m going to get out of my comfort zone and scare myself to death!  I will try, and try, and try…

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  1. Everbody can do something. You don’t have to be a great one to do great things. If you do not try you will never win. Good luck!

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