Keep It In Your Pants, Can You Do That?

I was just reading Jim Wallis’ article in the Huffington Post entitled: Zero Tolerance: Trump, Schwarzenegger, and Strauss-Kahn”

I’ll step back to 1991.  I registered for a secretarial course at a Vancouver college.  For eight months I was one of two men in the course.  As a man, it was fun having so much female attention.  I know it wasn’t (in the least bit) because I was the kind of man who normally attract women.  As a fact this was never the case for me.  But only default, simple and true.  Do the math, 50 women in several classes and two men.  I’ll tell you it was a great boost to the male ego.  However, this didn’t mean I chased them back.  No I don’t mean I’m perfect and I acknowledge we are extremely sexual beings.  I would be lying if I said the urges weren’t there.  However, I choose to keep it in my pants because I was married and I hold this sacrament in high esteem, period.

Society has made it clear that it’s uber sexy to have wealth, fame, power.  And how society has given licence for people to blur the moral conduct lines, not to mention common sense.  In particular how people crave to hear the latest exploits of a philanderer.  Yes heaping condemnation, outrage and still hunger for what will happen next.  When my niece talks about how she looks up to a certain reality star I cringe.  Not from the point of snobbish “you watch that show?” opinion, but from the fact that she puts someone on a pedestal who is famous for the sake of being on television and no other reason.  Oh I don’t knock reality television, I love some of the shows too!  There are many inspiring people out there who should have their own show!

Step ahead to 1992 when I started work in an engineering office job.  It was the rank epitome of sexism.  The executive director was “Mister”, and the admin staff called “the girls”.  Yeah fun, when you’re the only guy, working the secretarial pool.  The admin staff walked on egg shells so as not to upset the bosses, nor were they to show one shred of defiance or real leadership!  Just do your job and no more!  Here was a fine example of a job where your bosses are men who learned their ethics from the 1950’s, what I like to call the Victorian age of the 20th century.  The penultimate era of the male dominated society in how North American men raised in this time understood that they are to take control of the world and no one, especially women, were not to get in their way!  Not to say this hasn’t been happening for several millennia anyway.  Well I worked long enough at this job to see huge changes in the moral environment and where a woman was in charge and no matter the status, it was first name basis and friendly, human to human contact.  Not to say it was perfect, there are always personality conflicts in any place, but it was far and away for the better.

As Mr. Wallis’ noted in his article that “…Schwarzenegger and Strauss-Kahn have provided ugly caricatures of the moral corruption of men in power…”  Maybe the experience at that college gave me a minute thimble of an idea of what it would be like to have such adulation.  That’s silly, but imagine if I was a multi-millionaire, was constantly on TV, hung with the rich and famous, would that change your opinion of me?  No matter whether I was a philanthropist or a philanderer?  Would it matter?

If people only look at the human being sitting in the Bentley and see past the superficial nonsense.  Again, would you change your opinion and would you choose to watch something else on TV?  Would you?

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  1. A male colleague & I were discussing this topic. & I said to him that it seems that men these days are incapable of “keeping it in their pants”. To which he replied that “men were just naturally like that – they couldn’t help it.” He said this in all seriousness, seemed to view such behaviour as a male right, like the modern equivalent of Prima Nocta!

    1. Well I have to say that first and foremost we are very sexual beings and but one of a handful of species on earth who have sex for pleasure. I have agree with him to a degree. Yes men clearly do think of and want sex far more often than women. But it is a personal choice as to whether, again, “he keeps it in his pants.”

      Also, women are sexual beings too. To say that it is only men who always want sex is, in my opinion, false. While yes, women don’t think about it as much, they still do and to lump it all on men is a denial of a woman’s sexual power.

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