Mahatma Angelou

Today I hear she passed away, safe flight Dr. Angelou

for Dr. Maya Angelou

Dr. Maya Angelou

like my mother, god has brushed her hair gray
softly wrinkled countenance smiles, gap-toothed
eyes pierce the soul, till you bleed austere truth
an experienced, kind, weathered-voiced sage

in history she status quo defied
a cog in wheels of change undenied
from an age cruel, fueled outright hate
brought out from her heart the tolerance state

she hands you an empty cup and requests
fill it with the passions you require
see it throughout dark days, never relent
stay the course, keep yourself afire

sit, listen, words fashioned by a “great soul”
learn that love, factored by action is good
that doing right is what you need to know
words are things, this is to be understood

© by DC Lessoway

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2 thoughts on “Mahatma Angelou Leave a comment

  1. You should send this to her. I bet she’d like it. I LOVED it – Maya is one of my heroes. Thanks for sharing.

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