what strikes me most
about human nature


love: breaks our heart, we mend
hate: our ears it strikes, we forgive
violence: a blow to the skin, a bruise fades
loss: grief throws us to the floor, we get up and accept
war: we are decimated, we rebuild

an animal is hurt, it runs away
learning its lessen

Yet how
a human being is hurt and
looks over the shoulder
wants to know why
some relish the violence
plot retribution
some, squash it down
swallow the injury whole
warrant festering, manifestation
towards anger, self-abuse
some, the most selfish
commit suicide
some, the bravest souls
look within
open that paltry door
find profound peace
in letting go, moving on

darkest moments, shadowed corners
contain a certain light still
enough, enough
to burst the dam
liberating the healing light
of resiliency

picture and poem © by DC Lessoway

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4 thoughts on “Resiliency Leave a comment

  1. Beautifully worded and honestly said. Throwing the reality of life out into the world telling us the we hurt and HAVE to be resilient towards it otherwise, how would we live?

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