Harper’s Canadian Government Takes Aim to Ruin Environment and many other things via Bill C-38

make my mark
cast my vote
sit back
watch those
drooling with power
pick apart the beautiful
country I love

On March 29, 2012, Minister of Finance, The Honorable James Flaherty stood up and introduced Bill C-38.  And likely that date historians will look back and deem a milestone that set in motion changes erasing 40 years of constructive environmentalism, human rights, employment, old age security and many other things.

Please first read: An Open Letter to the World on the Governmental Destruction of the Environment in Canada

Let’s get some opinions:

The Green Party: Clarifying the deliberately confusing Bill C-38

NDP MP Irene Mathyssen from London—Fanshawe:  Why the Trojan Horse Budget Bill Bad is for All Canadians

Of course the proponents of this bill: the Harper government

The David Suzuki Foundation: Budget act unravels environmental laws

I don’t get it, it’s a budget bill; however, this ‘Trojan Horse’ bill by tying to pull the wool over our eyes by hiding wholesale, wonton and fundamental changes to governing processes in Canada and here are a few examples:

  • Changing the eligibility criteria for Old Age Security (read this);
  • Employment Insurance rules that would affect a claimant’s ability to reject jobs that are not within their fields. read this;
  • A re-write of the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act that would hand more power to cabinet, allowing them to override decisions of the National Energy Board (opening farsighted damage to the environment via such projects as the Tar Sands and the Gateway Pipelines);

I work for a First Nation and have, first hand, witnesses how they have become stewards of the environment by taking on many environmental remediation projects, especially spear heading one of the largest environment projects in BC too!  When they heard about these changes there was wholesale heartbreak and disappointment in all the positive environmental work done up to this point.

Clearly, oh so clearly the Harper government wants to make it easier for companies to come in and do what they want, where they want and how their want.  So good for business and the economy.  How many billions will the Keystone pipeline bring to government coffers not to mention the perpetual Tar Sands.  Well we might as well just pave over the beautiful mountains of BC now as the oil that WILL be spilt from the pipeline will be easier to pick up

What really gets me is the impenetrable wall built by the government to block free speech.  They limit time for debate on this and with their majority in parliament, intend on pushing it through to law.  Read the article from Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives: ‘Silencing Dissent: The Conservative Record’  to get a full grasp on what this Federal Government is doing to the rights of Canadian citizens.

Read this too from CBC… Radicals working against oilsands, Ottawa says silly how they love demonizing anyone who would say anything against them.  Sorry, but we’re not that stupid.

I’ll end it here because this is something that will be on-going for years to come, and I have to watch my blood pressure.  But jeeze… I certainly hope this doesn’t happen: Will criticizing the Harper government get you shut down?

Speaking of budgets  I thought I’d throw this in too: Victoria Grant who is 12 years old explains why most of the world, is in debt

Here is debate on the bill from Openparliment.ca

If you want to read the complete horror story, here is a link to the full text of the C-38 bill.

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