A letter to my MP about Canadian Bill C-38

Here is a link to my MP’s Reply
Here is a lick to the rebuttal to my MP’s Reply 

Andrew Saxton, MP is my MP for North Vancouver, BC, Canada

Dear Mr. Saxton,

When I was a child, a god-awful long time ago, in school we were taught to invoke change in something you do not feel as right or just, you pick up your pen and write your MP. Funny how such things stick with you…

The federal budget legislation (Bill C-38) puts our land, water and climate at risk by making enormous changes to Canada’s environmental laws. It also contains sweeping new powers to limit debate and silence legitimate voices, including those of land owners, First Nations, charities and other Canadians.

I care about nature and democracy, which is why I’m asking you, as my representative in the Canadian Parliament, to express my concern about changing Canada’s environmental and charitable laws without sufficient public input and Parliamentary debate. Can you step out of the bounds of partisanship, out of what is quite clearly a crass, gross, abomination and mis-use of power by a Canadian government.

Can you do this for me? I know I am only a singular vote, but I love my country, I love Canada… but by what is happening here… do you?

Sincerely and without regret,
DC Lessoway

Please either share or copy and paste and send to your MP!

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