My Canada

From West to East a voyage to witness
invigorating breezes in spirited rain forests
unsullied waters raging through canyons of grace
standing watch, the mountains of rocky nobility
breathe in, see the azure over sprawling prairie wheat baskets
paddling streams, rivers, lakes of teeming wildlife
quieted, forever stretching tundra of polar bears, arctic foxes
on to the bedrock of an ageless, abounding shield
to walk the red earth, to the stony Atlantic costal yield

From West to East a voyage to witness
Drumming, song, food, heritage of First Nations
sounds, smells, diversity of languages on the south-west coast
stetsoned hospitality galloping through waves of the foothills
fresh food, around the prairie family farm table
jump to the locks of the lakes some wine, some fish, conversation
to dive into the rich french culture, food and ballads
friendly food, pubs and laughter of east coast peoples
up to the north, the Inuit strong, with kind faces

come away to witness a strong country
come away grateful for my birthright
rich in people, in resources, in diversity
this my country
this my Canada
my home, on native land

© 2012 by DC Lessoway

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