It’s my birthday and I’ll rant if I want to

“Want to spark a visceral debate, speak the ugly truth. Wish to hear the bleating of a thousand sheep? Pontificate lies.”

Here on my 48th birthday I’m so tired.  Maybe because I got up at 5:30 on a Saturday to go for a bike ride.  But really, politics.  I’m so tired of this so-called democracy my father, who was in WWII, sacrificed for (his brother died in the fields of France) and it breaks my heart to see this country he defended being torn asunder.

I’m tired of so-called human beings proclaiming themselves fiscally responsible, morally virtuous, staged staunchly above the heads of all others on a podium of self-convinced truths.


Psychologically it takes a certain type of person to become a politician: someone who craves the limelight, demands to be accepted, loved, respected, admired, treasured!  Oh how must the soul be carved out to stand before camera and people both with a stiff, gummy smile, proclaim themselves the only one right (or left), the only one everyone must lavish their vote upon, the only one who can ‘save the country’.  Then the witticisms gush forth from their ‘what the voters wanna hear’ manifesto.  You know them: “More Jobs, less taxes, less government, more benefits, we’re good for the environment.”  I don’t have to say what happens with this manifesto after the election is over.

Blah!  Blah!

How about something that pisses me off most about elections: attack ads.  There are a few kinds too.  One kind filled with patriotic music, images of Joe and Josephine average with their two point five kids going about their suburban life under a strong, yet kind narrator telling us how the “other guy” is going to bring the country to its knees and it ends when they look into the camera and say, “Why gosh, we won’t vote for that guy.”  Another comprises of slow motion, black and white distorted video of the opponent in their ugly/angry/shouting moments, with pop up quotes or newspaper articles portraying them so very bad for the country.

How I bristle when these come around, and not only are they an insult to anyone’s intelligence, they are a waste of tax payers money as anyone with common sense can see through them in an instant!

Blah!  Blah!  Blah!

And then, and then, and then the election is spent!  Speaking only for Canada, it turns into a minority resembling an angry kindergarten getting little done, or an autocratic dictatorship bending the country to its will!

The latter is where we are now.  And a fine example of this, benevolent dictatorship, is how the current government rammed through an omnibus bill seething with changes to government taking us back 40 years on many fronts.  Especially when it comes to the environment!

But what say have I?  See three of my previous blogs that contain a letter and my response to my local MP (who is a part of the ruling government).  A futile exercise.  But getting my voice out there helps.  What?  I don’t know.

Yesterday I was chatting with an MP of another riding (and a member of the official opposition) and we chatted a bit about that and he said, ‘good on you to do that.’

I suppose.  But next time I write to my MP, I’ll better time it for when they are more apt to listen, in times of minority specifically.  Yeah, yeah, I know, wait four years and the current dictatorship will fall (as they all do), and several things will occur: if the public really hates them, the opposition will be thrust into their own majority; or, back to kindergarten politics for us!

© 2012 by DC Lessoway

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  1. Happy, happy birthday! You are right to rant. Politics is a thing you should not think of on your birthday. Enjoy your day!

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