Time and Place

the stone wobbles on, milling smooth our narrative
excessive chaff, semblance of imagery, senses, fall away
a remainder, a random accessed cavalcade of ethereal strings
we schlep behind us, some wisps, some cruel chains
copious are those kind, light, without fail to endow a smile
a warm sweater, enveloping comfortable tableaux
a scant hoard, those steeled, leaden, burrowing deep
though cumbersome, they bob upon the conscious, quickly summoned
to bestow scars upon the soul, again, again, again
to manifest, fester, inward, outward anger, sullenness, unworthiness
how lasting, how damaging, upon the person dependent
till the Id, having enough, hammers away at the tensioned surface
then the break, incendiary, caustic, burns away further chaff
leaving shells, at the ready to be filled with truths, implements, aids
in time and proper intervention, the noble ego emerges
blunting, lightening, at times, freeing the chains, freeing the burden
then, then, an onset of truth, rewrites the story, slows the perpetual stone
so less of the chaff flees, making one whole, making one deep, making one kind
forging an understanding that life, unkind, brutish, inconsiderate
has sheltered, nurturing, fields of joy, lying in wait for one to find

© by DC Lessoway

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