Bear of Grief

fringing my consciousness
hoary, corpulent, always waiting
just outside the door
its taunting, laughing growl
claws bared, paws raised
to strike, indiscriminately
I do not give permission
I do not open the door
to wreak havoc upon my spirit
yet unwelcoming it comes
splintering the door
but far worse
concealed upon its back
fragile jars of memories
powerless, appalled, I watch as
the repositories disintegrate
swamping the floor with
an aching deluge of sensations
of hospital beds, beeping monitors
of nauseating, hygienic bouquets
of a perpetual dry mouth, fleeting hunger
of adrenalin and fatigue
of quarrels and exonerations
of drawn out and terse phone calls
of IV drips, nurses’ schedules
of the multitude of diagnoses, verdicts
of 24 hour watches
of weeping murmurs, shallow breathing
then the ultimate, most dreaded, silence

then, in the far corner
this merciless bear
smiles at our grief, turns
ambles out the door
pleased to have such havoc raised

© 2012 by DC Lessoway

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