Why the Hell Not Full Disclosure?

why must we be so
masked, why must we be
so “correct”
why must a stratum of
bullshit blot, asphyxiate
candor, validly, morality

why not tones in gray
instead of indistinguishable
sameness of sameness
orange, green or blue

why not division via
than via barbarous, insidious

why must foregoing
oaths, bonds, inscribed pillars
transmute, transmogrify, become
misconstrued, insubstantial pontifications

why must our vexed, enclosed
editing machine dam up what
is vital, succor, restorative

what is distinctly clear
what is commonest of sense
that which truth makes
fleetingly tender
truth makes unambiguous
bestows light
expelling, eradicating
turbulent shadows
clearing minds, hearts
so only peace, remains

© 2012 by DC Lessoway

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