What has changed?

The more I read about the aboriginal history in British Columbia, the more incensed I become. How things haven’t changed in the past 148 years…


Let me put it into a simple analogy:

The two-faces of Stephen Harper show during his apology for the Aboriginal residential system is…

…clearly on a similar level of BC’s First Governor James Douglas…


…who called First Nation’s people “Natives” and seemingly wanted to make sure the lands (while ensuring they assimilate into European society) are given to the First Nation’s people and protect them from the onslaught of the brutal people of the gold rush.

While today…

The brutal singular face of dictator Stephen Harper is on the level of the man who succeeded Governor Douglas: Joseph Trutch…


…a man who called First nation people “Savages”, did not recognize aboriginal rights and titles, and only saw these “Savages” as an impediment and thus felt that soon the First Nation people would be extinct.

Mind you, this is only my opinion, let history speak for itself….

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