Quit Freaking Hiding Behind a Freaking Piece of Paper!

Read this article: A Guide to Mass Shootings in America from Mother Jones.

Oh so freaking tired of that argument about denying people the right to bear arms!  Yeah I’m Canadian, but got an opinion and I ain’t gonna keep it in.

Read and understand what the 2nd amendment is about! It’s about protecting the Nation, and written in a time nearly 100 years before there was a fully formed army and repeating guns. And those protecting the nation are and should only be the armed forces and it is ONLY these men and women who should be armed with such brutally destructive guns!

I’m also freaking tired of the fear mongers who say they MUST have all kinds of guns because there is that nut out there ready to bust their door down any moment and all those minutes practicing the shooting of a semi-automatic weapon will save the day!!

To me the above argument is CLEARLY a sign of a need to deal with some deep emotional issues and not an external danger at all!

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