Real people are… well… real!

Real women have curves
Real men cry in public
Real women hear another’s opinions but don’t keep them as law
Real men keep judgements to themselves
Real women know the balance between loving themselves and those they care for
Real men are not violent and abusive
Real women are formidable, are survivors and are not victims
Real men care for themselves
Real women are passionate
Real men love women who are passionate
Real women are well-rounded and love the world
Real men choose to see and understand both sides
Real women love men who see love and sex as the same
Real men  listen and acknowledge
Real women allow men to be themselves
Real men have no pretence
Real women can love unconditionally with ease
Real men are sensitive, caring and yet will be strong when needed

Real people stand together
Real people will give when asked
Real people have empathy
Real people will read this and know nothing is perfect, will both contravene and uphold these rules

© 2012 by DC Lessoway

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