Call of the Drums

As a child I would set several boxes around me, put on some music, and with wooden spoons I’d beat the hell out of the boxes until drenched in sweat and the boxes shredded. Funny, I would later pick up a guitar and learn to play, never taking up the drums.

Something always drew me to the drums.

In 1998, when my back had gotten so bad that I was acutely painful to walk without major medication I sought pain alternatives as it could have been so easy to get addicted to the given narcotics. Tried everything from Chinese herbs, massage, acupuncture, chiropractor, etc. Then I found this CD of rhythm of the chakras by Glen Velez and listened (still have it in my iTunes library). Blown away! How each song was for a particular chakra from the root to the crown. Physically I could feel the drumming in each how each song hit a specific part of my body and how each one aligned with a chakra!

Anyway, I’d listen to this in its entirety and at the end I’d be thoroughly relaxed and the pain, while not eliminated, was tolerable. Two to three times a week, with exercise, and the pain level in my back diminished considerably.

Last January I started my current job for a First Nation that sparked me to get my Metis status. When listening to Nation members drum and learn songs, the drums woke something new, deep within me. Last week I attended two First Nation Idle No More rallies at the Vancouver Art Gallery. I’d never saw such ferocious passion and humanity in the men and women drumming and this ignited a fire in my heart!

A year ago I was not far above circumspection when it came to First Nation issues. Of course I’d known about their concerns since I was a child in northern Alberta. While I was on their side, I wouldn’t get out of my armchair of opinion. Well, for any cause actually.

Until I joined the First Nation.

For 20 years I worked in corporate office jobs that were so cold and uncaring for humanity. In dogged pursuit of the mighty buck. Then in joining the First Nation I went from working for money to working for a community! The view went from steel, concrete and congestion to one of grass fields, nature trails and birdsong. Love it! Only gratitude finds my heart and I have finally gotten out of my armchair and out to the streets where I will be idle no more!

 © 2012 by DC Lessoway

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