Shared Birdsong

Have a read of the top social networks (surprised that My Space was still on any such list and actually above Google+!).

My networks of choice are Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and obviously Wordpress for my blog. As many others I started on My Space (was up to 18K followers!) but deleted that account years ago as I quickly found out that of 18K only a handful were on-line at any one time.

As Facebook approaches one billion (though who actually use Facebook is another matter) and Twitter approaches 500 million (read this analysis about Twitter that is well, not surprising), it makes one to want to post every change in one’s private weather. How many times I’ve stopped myself from posting the smallest moments as I strive to keep it to generalities or uber-important life events. Let’s be honest, it doesn’t always workout that way, but I try.

As for the other top sites such Pinterest , or Google+? I find Pinterest a place for the overzealous who have nothing to do but look at and list things that will empty their bank account and fill any remaining space left in their garage. While I do have a Google+ account, it’s only because it’s required as I have a You Tube channel.

Twitter and LinkedIn are what I would call “at a distance” sites as one could have a hundred Twitter accounts about a hundred things without any being real; well, the same thing could be said about all social media sites really. LinkedIn is less social and more about business (see boring), need I add to that?

Mind you Twitter is what we could call a “true” social network as you can talk to anyone at anytime. I remember one time I was in a coffee shop but who walks in but Simon Peg, I was hyperventilating! So I was already following him so I tweeted him and while he didn’t respond, he sat next to me! I know, wouldn’t happen again in a million, but it was great to meet him! I got a picture with him too!

Me and Simon Pegg!

An undeniable indicator of how Twitter is far an above a “truer” social network would be how quickly social awareness campaigns flare up. With Facebook, someone has to create a “page”, and you have to attract people to “like” it, etc. For Twitter you simply put a “#” before a word and boom, instant campaign!

Facebook is a different animal altogether. It perpetuates the high school clique, is full of pseudo firewalls and brimming with users harboring a false sense of privacy and proprietary. I say this because I have to laugh every time there is “outrage” at how Facebook has yet again change its privacy settings. It’s not fully understood that it’s the Internet, anyone, anywhere can see you if you have any social networking account at anytime. Google yourself and you’ll see. No amount of blocking and rigorous privacy settings can protect you. If you don’t want your info out there, get offline and seek a cave!

© 2012 by DC Lessoway

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