In Changing Countries Misgoverned

change must arise from injustice
change must waken the multitudes
change must be wanted, coveted
change must be for greater good
change must challenge status quo
change must, at first, instability create
change must, and will, polarize

as long as noble aims prevail
as long as true, the course keeps
as long as drowned, are agents of intolerance
as long as forthright, resolute the message be
as long as divisions bring about growth
as long as fading invokes perseverance
as long as unity invokes resilience

change will clear the fog of misinformation
change will fill justice’s vacuum
change will give the oppressed sway
change will find each heart determined
change will set each spirit soaring
change will widen horizons for all
change will create an exemplary society

© 2013 by DC Lessoway

2 thoughts on “In Changing Countries Misgoverned Leave a comment

    1. I agree, most of us are not for change, those in the lower and middle class, who have so many bills, debt, mortgage, are far too afraid to upset the balance of things. If only they’d understand that this change would be for the good for all. Alas.

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