Depression’s Volley

Please read the story of how Canadian Rebecca Marino stepped away from professional tennis.

It must have been an agonizing decision to step away from a successful and growing career. Notice I didn’t say ‘fulfilling’. Ms. Marino is a clear example of how, in our expansive human experience, private and personal fulfillment is as crucial to success than money and fame. Yes, you can be miserable or happy being rich or poor; but, striving for personal fulfillment when you are battling depression is another brutal war altogether.

Sadly enough most don’t ‘get’ this by not bothering to understand there is a real human beyond the garish image. In all forms of media, the person who is most high school (or Kardashian) popular is fawned over and exalted. This is why fame is fickle and fleeting; it is primarily superficial with no truly human depth.

Interview those in the spotlight who don’t take fame seriously, you’ll see a genuine smile, or frown if they don’t feel good that day. Because they, like anyone else have good and bad days. How many times I’ve heard people say they’d run into a star and said they were bitchy or didn’t want to sign an autograph. And how they said this singular experience changed how they looked at the star and admiring and fawning changed into outright hate, jealousy and anger. If the person can simply have some common sense and step back from the self-exalting judgment and think: “Oh having a bad day, I get it.” And move on. How hard is that?

Which leads to the additional reason Ms. Marino stepped away from tennis. The hate she had to deal with. So many, having no outlet for their jealously and low self-esteem, have to take it out on others. Don’t think I need to extrapolate on this.

I, as most others, wish Ms. Marino the best in wherever her path takes her. I hope she fights the good fight in her war with depression, and I wish I could say she is sure to win. But having depression myself, I know the battles are won, but the war continues.

(c) 2013 by DC Lessoway

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