Inclusion is my Moral Code

If you must
perpetuate narrow constraints of:
sexual preference
manner of dress
manner of worship
where and how to live
whole or partial limbed
whole or partial mental abilities

if you must
begin a sentence with:
“I’m not a racist but…”

if you must
use the third person plural
“they” when speaking
of a singular act or person

if you must
believe bad people
are the majority
rather than this clear truth
they are a tiny percentage

If you must
teach your children
to fear
to hate
to judge
to reject

if you must


please find another friend
please go your own way
as I will mine

because while

my path, not perfect
is rough, filled with potholes
such as life will be

without such hate
without such exclusion
such constraints

my life
is freer
is engaging, alive
with more smiles
more compassion
more love
more life!

© by DC Lessoway

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