BC Election Time is Upon Us… Let the Hate Begin and the Brain Shut Off

Let the hate and polarization begin as an election cycle starts… freakin’ tired of attack ads that insult my intelligence while telling me absolutely nothing except who I shouldn’t vote for.

Please, do your research, quit falling for a rhetoric and realize…

Such hate and polarization is one step away from the bloodied starting grounds of genocide. Think about it. Political leaders creating an inflamed, hateful environment, feeding on the hate that is already there…

Think! Ignore the media driven hate and think about your values, and vote for who YOU believe is right and not what you are TOLD is right.  How hard is it to look at both sides, walk in their shoes, understand it is multi-coloured, not black and white!

All I ask is that you think.  Go to the website Elections BC and register to vote.

Below is a list of BC political websites (in no particular order).  Stop by them and do you due diligence and make an informed vote!

BC Green Party
BC Liberals
BC Conservatives
BC Marijuana Party
etc…ad nauseum

© 2013 by DC Lessoway


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