Myths about introverts

Please Read Top 10 Myths about introverts by Jerry Brito first!

This is me.

How many networking events I’ve been to and just ended up sitting in the corner observing. Especially in film events. How many times I could have talked to great people, but never knew what to say. Yes, I do prefer people talking to me, but as I’m not well-connected nor of that interesting sort. Missed a ton of opportunities. I’ve taken the “how to network” courses but its a struggle to just walk up to someone and start a conversation off the cuff like that. It’s like a brick wall to me, my brain stops, my mouth goes dry…

And I end up pissed off at myself for not making more connections, having more friends, being more social. I also start to feel self-centered and want, if not crave that people please speak with me. Always end up going home in a sulk. Man just seeing that written down I feel like a nut. But it is the crazy process in my head.

Funny though, I was in an improv group for four years. Really brought me out of my shell (to a degree) and I believe opened my mind to a greater sense of who I am. So many I knew were floored when I did that.

I feel sorry for my wife. She says she isn’t, but I know she is an extrovert, talks to everyone and makes friends so quick. One good example is when I first met her, within a week she knew everyone on my floor when I knew one or two and had been there for two years! I know she craves that social contact and I strive to make sure she gets out there but I know I’m not great company in crowds. Poor thing.

It was a difficult to come to the understanding that it would be better that I be a writer, alone with my words, in my bubble where ever I sit to ply creativity.

Now here I am a Manager for a First Nation and find it no issue to stand up and speak for them. Yes, as it states, “because I have something to say.”

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