The customer is always right

Working in retail sucks. Someone I know works retail and far too often has to suffer the whims of the nincompoop.

“The customer is always right.”

Whomever coined that phrase I’d like to wallop. At time the customer is a brinkin’ idiot, and often. Maybe it is a sense of privilege. The functional, day-to-day idea of privilege is one’s prerogative to follow one’s wants and needs to a fulfillment, or betterment of one’s life. Makes sense. Yet the human trait to “take advantage” of the situation often goes askew when the customer lords their “right” over the minimum wage worker just because. And I say “just because” because being mean is a choice. Yeah you could be having a shitty day, lost your job, had your car stolen, broke your big toe. All understandable. But to choose to take it out of everyone around you is a sign of deeper issues, flaws you need to deal with, or to state it simply: you’ve been shit on and you want to shit on others to make yourself feel better. Some of the kindest people I know are those who’ve experienced the worst. Being mean has no justification. Period.

Then there is the customer who shows up at closing or bangs on the door five minutes after closing expecting to get in. To that idiot I’d like to state the following: “At and after closing, the employees lives automatically become their own.”

I’ve been waiting for my friend to finish work and some idiot (in a suit costing more than most pay for rent) comes up expecting wide open doors (after the clearly posted closing time). I voiced my feelings about this (ie. the employees lives noted above), expecting a debate on the merits of customer service, but only was “sniffed at” and the customer walked back to the Bentley and drove off.

Thus the customer (well human being in general) I loth most is that who takes on an air of “I’m better than you for the simple fact that I have money.” No, that doesn’t make you better when you treat others as slaves. That firmly places your moral compass into the realm of a 19th century plantation owner.

Then there is the customer who is patient, always says “thank you” and is always ready with a kind word. Yes they all can’t be this person, but how they bring a fresh breeze wiping the tirades of the idiot off the day’s emotional balance sheet.

Yeah, working retail… ug.

© 2013 by DC Lessoway

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