Shifting Emotional Dunes

From Lawrence of Arabia

expansive vistas, the oceans of sand
there… a
lanky, almost, morose figure
stark, piercing blue-eyes
shock of dirty-blond hair
nose, mouth shielded
a man, an actor, no more, no less
gazing across the screen
enveloped in a celluloid masterpiece

in a cool theatre
I, in my naïve youth
my mind, my spirit, my mouth
agape in wonder

yes the images
an emotional journey in itself


this man, this actor
outshone the conflagration
surrounding him

in the gaping interim
how many characters
his skin swathed wholeheartedly

he, I know would utter
in his wonderful British eloquence
a far-away look, a pause

“my dear, one must be
prepared at all cost
to jump into the fray,
ready to conqueror,
brandished sword aloft.
Wage battle with characters
shallow as a puddle,
harrowingly profound,
all with a smile
always with a smile.”

words © 2013 by DC Lessoway

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