Desert of Contentment

Desert of Contentment


joy, contentment, bliss, jubilation
being in a good, safe place
wondrous for the soul
brutal for the writer

the effortless finger root out
lulls between creative periods
such is the nature of happiness
for this man’s creative voice

greater creative production
equates personal turbulence
grief generates considerable
yield, wattage via these fingers
torrents written in
quietus of
the close, distant

in-between times
true script finds me yet, irregularly
perched in ironic, flowered, happy valleys
sun-basked, toes in warm waters
oh so content

acclaimed scribes
such brutal lives led
scorching veins, drowning benders
their celebrated words
cure us mere mortals, yet
profoundly impotent in
giving reprieve from
their demons

© 2014 by DC Lessoway

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