Within Lies Still


at times…
ache finds me
re-fractures my heart
some unknown, darkness within
though I’ve sought and petitioned
hope upon hope an answer, some…
will waken within my consciousness
will give me peace, as while day to day
hurt lies dormant within, of little effect
at times…
oh at times…
how the darkness of pain stabs and stabs
I hate you, that hidden broken glass cutting my feet
while this, pain, imbued in me, sensitivity beyond my gender
this pain, this fucking pain, has dogged me for too long, far too long
I scream at the darkness, I howl and roar at it and in a dream, rose-coloured
maybe the answer comes…
I am who I am because of the purgatory I have
I can live with

picture and words © 2014 by DC Lessoway

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