What Choose You?


when you hear “election time”
what runs through your mind?
do the eyes roll
do you harken to the last time
entering a poll station
unsettled in mind, blindly angered
by those in charge
blind to your concerns
“out with them”, your refrain
yet fearful of change, the ballot
falling from your finger states:
status quo, “quite happy I am”

here, now, years on
happy in your choice?
has the chosen bureaucracy:
made advances in science
increased protection of our environment
strengthened human rights
especially for women and minorities
cared for a fair and ethical parliament
kept the country’s coffers ripe, replenished
kept the heath of citizens essential
looked to the future wanting:
to lessen the burden of our grandchildren
strived to find financial equality
kept Canada’s face and reputation as
a peacekeeper, a negotiator, a safe place for all
overall, have they strived, fought, given us
a greater Canada?

next time, ballot in hand
what choose you?


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