Cast A-Way

foot fall by DC Lessoway

imagine the only rhythm
you hear is
ak ak ak ak ak
discordant gun fire
as you cower, away
from windows, doors
under a blanket, trying to
calm two frightened children
quiet, quiet, abruptly
the building convulses
a mighty roar, dust
covers all
and you think, we
have to leave
but how, where, when
the government won’t help
they are the ones shooting
distant family appeal to their own
less violent governments
“no” which is nearly worse
than the government guns
to the shady smuggler, who says
“Give me money, I’ll get you,
your children on a boat.”
what you can carry
mementoes of a good life
on your back with the
hope of better things to come

five days at sea
the sickness won’t stop
moans of the dying
infect your soul
seems more water in the boat today
gathering clouds ring the horizon

pitch of the night
only the touch, clutching
at your children
does the flame of hope
remain lit in
rising seas


cast into the raging brine
surfacing in a panic
your children!
you swim towards the sound
in utter desperation, reaching out
nothing there

then silence

terrible, harrowing, sickening stillness
extinguishing the faltering flame
sinking into the depths
a thought
“I’m coming my child.”

photo and poem (c) 2015 by DC Lessoway

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