Our Vote Says A Lot About Us


I love my country
many times over the past
two election periods I have
defended her, saying:
“we are good people”
“we welcome the world”
“we want peace, not war”
as an individual
this is the bedrock
of my truth
in the past
Canadian peacekeepers
symbolized our country
now list upon list
we’ve fallen as our new symbols
roaring jets, body armor, guns
marching into, invading
the country’s consciousness
boots of war trampling
a tattered maple leaf
due to fearmongering politicians
we voted in
either by voting without thought
or more likely
not voting at all

now, here, October 19, 2015
we can return our country
to the glory of her kind heart
embracing, open, ready to help
anywhere, anytime
to save a child in a national disaster
to protect a child in war
so to wear the red and white
in transit, does not bring hate
but a warm hello, a
“Canada is such a beautiful country,
so full of kind people”

please, for your country

Poem (c) 2015 by DC Lessoway

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