I have nothing but gratitude for our life.

In late 2010 I was laid off, and for a year it was a frustrating search for a job. One of the lowest times in my life, I must have sent out 50 resumes a day, applying to any job I could. Every rejection hurt, and I begun to think I wasn’t going to find a job.

Poor Marina, she worked so hard to keep our head above water. It was a far more difficult time for her as we scraped and had to make some very hard sacrifices to keep the lights on and a roof over our head.

Now, here we are and I wish to express a profound gratitude for my wife, a rewarding job and all we have as we move into our new home that we will own!

There is one more story I want to add that I believe shows there is always greater things a play:

When I first met Marina. I was living downtown Vancouver near English bay. The apartment number was 905. After we married, we moved to an apartment and that number was 3505. Then I lost my job, and as I was striving to find a job, the owner wanted to sell the apartment and we had to move. So we found a place in North Vancouver. The apartment number? 509. The reverse of 905. I suppose a coincidence. Then I found a great job and while we planned to keep renting, we finally decided to buy a place. So the search was on.

During our search, we were driving out to Port Coquitlam to look at a townhouse. I, following my usual route to work, took a turn I shouldn’t have and we ended up in Coquitlam. I said since we’re here, let’s look at this building I really liked. We went there and they first showed us a place on the 28th floor and it was okay, but not what we where looking for. Then we looked at the floor above and fell in love, made an offer and we get the keys tomorrow! Well, it wasn’t as easy as that of course, there is a certain person I want to strangle who put us through a lot of needless stress, but I will let that go, as we can’t wait to move in!

But, there is one more thing. The suite number. It is 2905. How about that! I like to call it our 2nd 905, the number we had when we first met and fell in love.

I harken back to what I whispered to my wife as we were introduced as man and wife on August 8, 2008: “We are going to have a great life.” And we are!


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