Unforeseen Anguish

burned into my cortex profound sadness, misery in my father’s eyes his daughter was gone the only one who followed him into barbering as now my good friend’s loss of his only daughter there, in his eyes, voice, manner despair, heartache, grief however strong, burly he be his broken heart … Continue Reading Unforeseen Anguish


our ancestors respected their kind domicile Mother Earth’s abundant refuge light, birdsong, their time pieces a morning musk offered forecast rustling leaves identifying the day’s temper animal moments framed seasons of waste nothing of use all then all torn asunder nearly obliterated: language, ritual, spirituality in near total genocide yet … Continue Reading Restoration


Last Monday night, as we were all leaving work, K was making a funny face to us as she drove away. The next morning, warm, sunny, I was driving in and had this flash, this image of K, lying on the floor, receiving chest compressions. I remember shaking it off … Continue Reading Enigmatic

A Visit With the Dying

a family messaged come, witness a Nation’s elder prepares for ancestor’s fields soon, I hope at liberty finds her soul derailing pain racking her body in grief happy her flight will be © 2014 by DC Lessoway

Canada Day 2013

my dear Canada, our home on native land how true our hearts are to this beautiful north we in the west, look to the east in worry as we graded, stand, for what is gloriously free a toe dipped in Cape Spear, or Tofino from tundra’d glory of Cape Columbia to … Continue Reading Canada Day 2013

Aboriginal Day

first a human being I befragile this flesh and boneof thought, intention, exertionsustenance and atmospheredriving mechanisms of composite chemicals and uproar then Metis coalesces my bloodupon my shoulder, since birtha braided sash of red, blue, white, green and blackfinally finds the sun, my hearthidden, too too long finally a citizen … Continue Reading Aboriginal Day

True Patriot Love

our home on native lands from The Rock to Haida Gwaii a true, alluring possessing realm to tread the lands one cannot forego bearing tempestuous witness steadfast mountains ethereal Laurentian forests the expansive firmament above endless prairies all magnificence exceeding bounds of human wits beneath its soils assets abound the dirty … Continue Reading True Patriot Love