Broken Dance

death and grief begin their dance in my heart again, again I’m to tread the worn flagstone again to pick up my broken heart, carry on lend my aching shoulder for my friend’s grief steeling my soul so my support may, strong be

Unforeseen Anguish

burned into my cortex profound sadness, misery in my father’s eyes his daughter was gone the only one who followed him into barbering as now my good friend’s loss of his only daughter there, in his eyes, voice, manner despair, heartache, grief however strong, burly he be his broken heart … Continue Reading Unforeseen Anguish

Relax, I shall try…

phone, left at the office email re-directed to another time’s come for away, away, away first time since stepping into leadership September last has the phone, email been held, nipped, cut off this Annus horribilis misinformed bullshit via government’s hogtie, expounded via media’s rude embellishment then vanished because… K’s sudden, … Continue Reading Relax, I shall try…


Last Monday night, as we were all leaving work, K was making a funny face to us as she drove away. The next morning, warm, sunny, I was driving in and had this flash, this image of K, lying on the floor, receiving chest compressions. I remember shaking it off … Continue Reading Enigmatic

A Visit With the Dying

a family messaged come, witness a Nation’s elder prepares for ancestor’s fields soon, I hope at liberty finds her soul derailing pain racking her body in grief happy her flight will be © 2014 by DC Lessoway

Rudimentary Grief

a process a journey a state of being a way a tattered flag fluttering in a chilled wind at the fragmenting cliffside signaling drastic change discarding outdated beliefs, stagnant patterns melding tired laws, with unfamiliar truths momentarily whitewashed with stoic acceptance a façade of ether then imperceptibly, inaudibly, invisibly time … Continue Reading Rudimentary Grief


as we age how the outlook changes towards life, loss perhaps learned patience contains the once youthful furor perhaps cycles of at-hand experience frames a pallet mottled with joy, grief perhaps we choose, conscious or no to pause, watch, maybe make sense of the spectacle of the unworldly with a smile of woe, perhaps recollection © 2013 … Continue Reading Aging…

I am fearful

all mediums tell me outside, there, shadows could be, would be terrorists stranger danger but the government’s on it more prisons more rules all to ensue freedom! no matter silly quibbling of elected officials I know the right side I am on the others are just wrong! isn’t it nice … Continue Reading I am fearful


in tears because the innocent have to die in this country, theirs, and others in tears because many put gifts above their own happiness their own needs in tears because politicians, like children bicker, squabble, then smiling stand on the wreckage of a once beautiful country In tears because Aboriginal … Continue Reading Shed