today, this day change was thrust upon me a curtain making night of day how my value lies in pieces now no trade to call home as I now, free to be something else…


the hardest notion is to see another’s pain, be witness to tears rise, then fall, spattering a dusty floor, till a loam forms, holding true daggers of enriched grief to bear witness to character’s hard hammer upon a majestic kindness shattering old touchstones, transmute the soft, malleable truths into unyielding … Continue Reading Witness

Broken Dance

death and grief begin their dance in my heart again, again I’m to tread the worn flagstone again to pick up my broken heart, carry on lend my aching shoulder for my friend’s grief steeling my soul so my support may, strong be

Unforeseen Anguish

burned into my cortex profound sadness, misery in my father’s eyes his daughter was gone the only one who followed him into barbering as now my good friend’s loss of his only daughter there, in his eyes, voice, manner despair, heartache, grief however strong, burly he be his broken heart … Continue Reading Unforeseen Anguish

Grief Slides Close, Pinching at the Heart

news of an aunt’s passing summons hand cranked, spotty blurred impressions of my mom nearing eight years gone, how the pigments fade to sepia, how the senses have detached, excepting this son’s ever burning ache of regret poem (c) 2016 by DC Lessoway