open the door to a
benign, muggy cloak
pattering of sequestered gecko
ceaseless hymns of wave, Myna and Finch
crowing roosters at large

tour birds of paradise
lush, coral ginger
milky plumeria, red hibiscus
aloha issued from slender palms
mesmerizing splendor

contemplate West Maui
wee Molokini
nebulous kaho’olawe, Lanai
stilled lava, contrasting tawny sand
firmament of azure

grinding sand betwixt toes
spartan feet carte blanche
eases, wears down the mind’s disquiet
a cerebral-bodily sojourn
calming the pace of thought

kind, welcoming Maui

Photo and poem © DC Lessoway

feeling the earth between
my toes brings down my
thoughts skittish, fickle, giddy
plummets, sinks and releases the
hunger to entertain, oblige, charm, so
comes along the morning dew a
sort of calm rarely experienced
wakens me to this moment profound

photo and poem (c) by DC Lessoway


to step off the plane
is being enveloped
involuntarily assimilated
into her sultry arms
robust, fragrant
trade winds scour
mugginess away, also
amble her beaches
attentive to surf’s rhythm
as it fades
sandy footprints, then
break off to heed
sol’s submerge in
watery horizons, as
winds slow, stars show, moreover
recognize the heart acquires
an utterly unique tranquility
peace, fashioned nowhere else

photo and poem (c) by DC Lessoway