sept 4 2016-wing-vshaped by faith and chisel
affixed, strong to the squall, my power
majestic resilience, my people
perhaps, looked to me for inspiration
perhaps, sought my advice before
battle, I’ll not say

sept 4 2016-wing-v-2carted off, so far away, vanquished
out of place in becalmed walls
at my feet gaggles, snapping memories
while I yearn for elements
I can not shed tears, nor caress
my beloved people

photos and poem © by DC Lessoway


April in 2006
my study in isolation
a café choked with people
felt anxious, edgy, in wonder of
who’ll walk in the door
say “hi” to me

gust of sweet, rousing air
off English Bay as
soared in a raven beauty
our eyes locked,
a dazzling smile
you came over

take my hand, she said
travel the world with me
find the wonders out there
walk the coble and sand
feel the sights only
those in love can see

in nearly 10 years
since that sweetest moment
that blessed day
true to form
we’ve walked Paris
wondered streets of Rome

since the day I said,
“here, hold my heart close”
through trial, change, loss and grief
in your arms I’ve found
home, wherever we are
in protection, comfort, joy

photo and poem (c) by DC Lessoway

paris-2008-04 (1)
oh to live here, enveloped by
art, history, seeking
each corner, unearthing
why the greats found her light
roused the creative spirit, why
nations desired her jewel
in their conquering crown, why
lovers, in first blush, to honeymooning, to
the eternal abiding, all with new eyes
desire her indelible blessing
as she is eternal, so their love
may be as well

Photo and poem (c) by DC Lessoway

paris-2008-19compared to tyrants
the brutal, iron fist dreaded
compared to generals
great conquering armies lead
compared to artists magnificent
whose works, since antiquity enlighten
compared to the uncommon human
changing the world, block by block
but a blip am I, standing in mere shadows of
shadows, of shadows, tourist to muted history
but a blip am I, believing I can, I will
change the world in my way

Photo and Poem (c) by DC Lessoway

paris-2008-18hewn from exquisite limestone
a sculpture expresses
mortality’s resolute march
however harrowing, our
paths will intersect, captured
in that eerie socket glare, while
cold fingers still our heart
ebbing away the voice, thought, breath
till but ethereal, we scarcely
a memory remain

Photo and Poem (c) by DC Lessoway