Category: Philosophy

Young Once

faintly in memory I’ve retained this moment of a child yet found

Heaven’s Dance

of ice clinging to winging dust, fleeting in duration, immense in breadth gaze gravitates upward in repose each eye deduces its own horse, spider, swimmer according to each state of being mine own mind alights upon memories of ancient cave paintings of people’s long…


it’s been, always, there an aspiration to fly, above Earth’s curve till azure, turns inky, till am able to palm the spheroid, till this ache, fear, isolation are but remote notions of those down there down there hell we’ve fashioned after clawing at one…

My Canada

Why do we have to go down this narrow minded, hate-filled, route of murky, divisive politics of us vs them, right vs left, Canadian vs Canadian? And how it’s always politicians (of all shades), who cause these silly divisions? Yes, we have differing opinions…

Jagged Barrier

as a prairie child, westerly horizons, only on quiet, clear moments held faint, snow capped sentinels lighting my imagination dreams came, of monsters thick forests, isolation, telling conforming to my own sequester photo and poem © by DC Lessoway


worn, aged, batter, weathered graying temples, lengthening shadows season’s stubborn aches bears apprehension in change’s progress solid, though it seems fluid, interim, provisional it lies in wait for a fateful battle photo and poem © by DC Lessoway

It’s About Love

if you love you cannot hate if you love you cannot deny your humanity nor the humanity of others if you love you cannot ignore those in need if you love you will be open to the plight of our mother, Earth, in her…