My Relation to Food

brings the tired day to an end reliable for comfort, placates, brims the void, gives distance to old scars, known and unknown bides time until the next feeding till at a distance, via a 500/day 46 day regiment does clarity find my heart, mind how food, while true sustenance holds … Continue Reading My Relation to Food

Relax, I shall try…

phone, left at the office email re-directed to another time’s come for away, away, away first time since stepping into leadership September last has the phone, email been held, nipped, cut off this Annus horribilis misinformed bullshit via government’s hogtie, expounded via media’s rude embellishment then vanished because… K’s sudden, … Continue Reading Relax, I shall try…

Eggshell Heart

supposedly stout, weathered, having seen anger, joy, bliss and death quick to tear quick to hurt himself long before another enclosed in a barrel chested brute behind hazel eyes, broken man who, grateful for all hurts some days, the scars surreptitious, raw, one upon another stockpiles doleful countenances holding friends, … Continue Reading Eggshell Heart


take on the tools of meditation scrape, dig, uncover masked notions ask denial to stand aside for a while as ferocious truth, given air gouges, angrily, at delicate skin fine covering over brazed bones funny how such brutal pain cleans mind and soul clears personal skies so as, dirt re-conceals … Continue Reading Depth