so often we seek light
where better, grander ideas lay
where a bold Sol grants clarity

still, too, solicit shadowed corners
there, secluded riches await, affixed
mine trauma, release truths, cleanse

light or shadow, when confronted
will whither to your rooted power
bringing luminosity in night, shade in day

photo and poem © 2018 by DC Lessoway

ClehsmqWEAAHL7K.jpg-largeborn in her ninety-seventh year
how I’ve seen her strive, fail, grow
leaders great, lesser, petty
tried their stamp, impress their will
yet she shined though it all
her people, from the spirit of
aboriginal humanity to the
immigrant seeking, hungering
a better, sheltered, certain life
her multi-coloured communities
match her noble, audacious bearing
my heart bursts with love in how
she stands a symbol for a better way
a greater world

(See this link for the music:
J.S. Bach – Cello Suite No. 1 in G Major BWV1007‬)

first draw of bow to string, that root note
runs down my spine, seeks my heart, then
I’m lifted, lightened, worldly burdens
fall away, as a craft ever climbing
on a buoyant, rhythmic breeze
seeks the azure above the pall
circling ever higher, with it
intensifying emotions, linking
joy, bliss, jubilant notions with
tears I can not find label for
then, a surprise of August 8, 2008
my Marina, knowing my love for this piece
had a cello player place this as she
came down the isle toward me
imbuing upon my heart, an image
forever linked to this music

poem (c) by DC Lessoway


Shadowed Self


My shadow seeps along, breaking no lines
This, my stealth, in plain sight
A singular cloud in a parched sky
Fading away, defiant to a willful sun

I watch, reach for the joy as it passes by
Hear the laughter, smiles, giggles of children
Through a mottled and fogged paddock
Watch I can, but participate, no

Poem and photo © 2015 by DC Lessoway


days and weeks and moments
rushing, continual, perpetual burdens
decisions with consequences
decrees with vexations
crushing, keeling temper
this, place
silent but bird song, the obliging zephyr

close the eyes, senses, urges

reset emotional touchstones

regain tranquility, solidarity
of mind, body, soul

© 2015 by DC Lessoway


my breath, nearly held
in the silence true
engulfing starless walls
burdens heavily my shoulders
at times, a tormenting ache
at times, a distant pang
perhaps some faulty cerebral wiring
brings on the gloom
the isolating funk
leaving me stymied
fuming, at times, angry
as to why, to what end
still, the glow of assurance
from the crack in the door
softens the hurt

picture and poem © 2014 by DC Lessoway

phone, left at the office
email re-directed to another
time’s come for
away, away, away

first time since
stepping into leadership
September last
has the phone, email
been held, nipped, cut off

this Annus horribilis
misinformed bullshit via
government’s hogtie, expounded via
media’s rude embellishment

then vanished because…
K’s sudden, sorrowful passing
Her laughter, smile absent
a sad, empty office
broken, empty hearts
lessons in our grief
to be happy
no matter pain, situation

through the stress
migraines, searing back pain
halting my love of golf


gratitude finds my soul
in my fiftieth year
good has come
given us
all we need

© 2014 by DC Lessoway

Fire Behind Trees

those small, unguarded moments
where do we go
flee, perhaps, worry, reality
in want of something else
something other than
perhaps this void
of thought
of senses, awareness
resets, reboots, reawakens
shoos away the clutter
halts the cobweb creation
returns focus to the now
so we may attain greater participation
in life

Words and Picture © 2014 by DC Lessoway