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Fields of Life

gift of gods and soil worn hands tended by hand and mule, since ages long past recollection germination to fermentation vino’s untold generations soothing ache and joy both poem and picture © DC Lessoway

A Late Evening in Tuscany

A final toast, to the buzzing summer spent strolling cobblestones, admiring religiosity-soaked oeuvre in stone, marble and pigment. The affect, impression upon my eyes, my heart, lies further to this soul’s understanding of the grater humanity, rather than doctrine, dogma. No matter, here, having…


a step onto the Tuscan hills the wind becomes a singular cello, mellow, dynamic my eyes swallow, a luminous embellishment of orderly vine plump, soon for harvest, then at tables, about the world will raise a cheer as here, love and light bear fruit…