amsterdam-mar-11-2017-02shivering, wet winter’s
rippling, sharp gale
sheep graze, as I gaze
watching, wondering
imagining life, here
place of reclamation, of
old masters, new impressionists
quiet life, here, wide fields lined
traced, in water

photo and poem © by DC Lessoway

as a tourist Venice
her tranquility, alit upon my soul
no car nor truck apart from
boat motors, church bells
gondoliers’ bawdy songs
aching feet led many adventure
through her stony labyrinth
blotted sun, constricting walls: lost
reaching water: found
magnificence of her cathedrals
humility of rising tides
worlds apart, circumventing life
for a while

photo and poem © by DC Lessoway

Juliet balcony

my breath, caught
time’s strident march
seconds or hours, lend
no aid to define when
again I’ll see
those eyes of
burnt sienna, smile
luminous, inviting, till
my love, there, on high

photo and poem © by dC Lessoway


open the door to a
benign, muggy cloak
pattering of sequestered gecko
ceaseless hymns of wave, Myna and Finch
crowing roosters at large

tour birds of paradise
lush, coral ginger
milky plumeria, red hibiscus
aloha issued from slender palms
mesmerizing splendor

contemplate West Maui
wee Molokini
nebulous kaho’olawe, Lanai
stilled lava, contrasting tawny sand
firmament of azure

grinding sand betwixt toes
spartan feet carte blanche
eases, wears down the mind’s disquiet
a cerebral-bodily sojourn
calming the pace of thought

kind, welcoming Maui

Photo and poem © DC Lessoway

tuscony-01terraces gathered, impassioned
upon the other ever higher
sent in stone, blood, circumstance
footfall worn, bruised, beaten
strengthened by ever-lusting rulers
till long-lasting peace wrought
crumbling walls, letting all in

photo and poem (c) DC Lessoway

stony silence expressing a thousand words
sightless vision, statement of inscribed creeds
moral virtue, teaching the unwashed throngs
token martyr, likely or unlikely real

Photo and poem (c) by DC Lessoway

Strolling mythical lanes
before citizens waken
my singular step echoes
hastening my mind to ponder
visualize, conjure
throngs of foot soldiers
in rank and file, anticipating battle
sweat and leather and dusty sandals
sharpened swords, lances, shield, behind
their families weep, wonder
in months, years, or ever, a return?
Perhaps, upon same flagstone, stained crimson
fell many in defense, invasion, regime change
yet, gone
such signs, wiped clear by time’s stride
a veneer conceivably whitewashed
as we roving bees to history’s honey, innocent
of foregoing savagery
still, without such brutal truths
her charms, bewitch still

Photo and poem (c) by DC Lessoway



glinting, dancing sun
fluid roadway
walking, strolling days
not wheeling
touring, seeing sites
old stories
aging, fading brick
feel cooling
baking, cooking fare
great samples
voices, echo still
walls speaking
Venice, island life
calls again

Photo and poem (c) DC Lessoway


in Venice, night
comes wishing for peace
finding none as
crowds’ babel fades
stark shadows, apparitions
arise to dance, perhaps
in delight, freedom, perhaps
in protest for the hand
of treachery, lashed to
Sol’s ebb and flow

photo and poem (c) by DC Lessoway


April in 2006
my study in isolation
a café choked with people
felt anxious, edgy, in wonder of
who’ll walk in the door
say “hi” to me

gust of sweet, rousing air
off English Bay as
soared in a raven beauty
our eyes locked,
a dazzling smile
you came over

take my hand, she said
travel the world with me
find the wonders out there
walk the coble and sand
feel the sights only
those in love can see

in nearly 10 years
since that sweetest moment
that blessed day
true to form
we’ve walked Paris
wondered streets of Rome

since the day I said,
“here, hold my heart close”
through trial, change, loss and grief
in your arms I’ve found
home, wherever we are
in protection, comfort, joy

photo and poem (c) by DC Lessoway