Winter Solace

Christmas Eve. A warm, silent snow falls in the darkness of a small prairie town. A town centered with one strip mall, two barbers and three bars surrounded by houses and beyond that, farmland. At this hour, sixty-two year old Henry, single father and the town’s longest serving barber is … Continue Reading Winter Solace


I have nothing but gratitude for our life. In late 2010 I was laid off, and for a year it was a frustrating search for a job. One of the lowest times in my life, I must have sent out 50 resumes a day, applying to any job I could. … Continue Reading Gratitude

A New Year

wide the eyes open the heart new horizonsp on familiar streets upon the strike of midnight’s beckon a new year awaits take on the challenge bring to your breast hope, love, a determined joy brim at the threshold with eager appetite and know You are the day you make of!