All poems and picture (c) DC Lessoway except as noted.


Language’s Ordnance

a master poet’s script, a
rapier, swift to the bone, cuts
leaving the reader shorn, unsure,
pondering an indistinct light, illuminating
a cloaked dark night of the soul, then comes
instinctively, an urge deep for another strike

another, another, another
exposing buried wounds, as with the pain
profound insights into the human condition
that we share: ache, grief, joy, love, hate
we are fragile and resilient both, that
we, above all, within our shades of skin
are the same
Love by WendyD


Ten years, already
ups, downs, the gruelling
the heartbreaking, the blissful
companion, travel mate, friend
my intimate confidant
through turbulent change
smooth waters
smiles in her challenges
makes me laugh
shoos away my gloom

in her arms today
as the day this was taken
the world, the callous, brazen place
fades away

Photo by Wendy D


as a tourist Venice
her tranquility, alit upon my soul
no car nor truck apart from
boat motors, church bells
gondoliers’ bawdy songs
aching feet led many adventure
through her stony labyrinth
blotted sun, constricting walls lost
reaching water found
magnificence of her cathedrals
humility of rising tides
worlds apart, circumventing life
for a while


flittering glints on skin
hushed, aside blood’s rush
in the ears, munch of gravel
echoing bird song
reoxygenated, dewy air
ambrosial mix of sap, earth
enlivening, invigorating
weaving, entwining, mingling
freeing the mind to meander
the unvarying past
the rousing moment
the differing future

in this, reflection, contemplation
embrace the undetermined
to trounce change’s dread
seize, possess, acknowledge
who you are, how you look
where and how you subsist
find kindness in each moment
rise to an uncertain future
rise to a greater you
Fields of Life

Fields of Life

gift of gods and soil
worn hands tended
by hand and mule, since
ages long past recollection
germination to fermentation
vino’s untold generations
soothing ache and joy both


my breath caught
time’s strident march
seconds or hours, lend
no aid to define when
again I’ll see
those eyes of
burnt sienna, smile
luminous, inviting, till
my love, there, on high