Screenplays/Series Pilots


Walk it off Poster

A wealthy literary writer’s wife and child are killed. Shattered, he hits the road, lives as a hobo, trying to escape the pain.  All along, a murderous shadow follows him, created by his own writing.

Dori & 17th
Dory & 17th

A drunk driver hits a father, son and daughter, and the father dies.  Two years later, a graphic video of the accident surfaces on the internet shatters an already fragile family. (117 Pages)

Escape to the Fields Poster
Escape to the Fields

Fifty years of a family’s story through the oldest sister, then youngest brother.  Her cancer, his alcoholism and suicide attempt bring to light a long-held family secret.(88 pages)

Little Distance Poster
Little Distance

An isolated, naïve young woman stuck in a backward society connects to a world-weary psychologist through a lost phone, and the battery is dying. (93 pages)

Every Port Poster
Every Port

Three women, one in England, in Argentina and in Spain, receive a copy of the same souvenir spoon.  Why?  Then they get the box inviting them first to Argentina then to Nepal.  Who is at the end of the road? (81 Pages)


A physicist discovers interplanetary travel, only you have to die first.

Danielle, and Cora, both 30, both doctors starting their medical practices in the same house.  Cora lived 100 years before Danielle.


Destitute Alex Green, 92, has a choice.  Live out the time he has left or be sent back into his ten-year-old body and relive his life, but with 92 years of experience and knowledge of the future.